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Does the Sessions memo of January 4th teach us anything about what Cannabis stocks to watch in 2018?
Although the “Sessions' memo” actually did nothing to change the current status of marijuana in the US, If that memo had been an actual directive to begin prosecuting companies involved in the sale or distribution of marijuana the effects could have been devastating on those stocks whose companies are involved in the actual sale of a federally controlled substance. The Cannabis industry is still expected to expand exponentially over the coming years to the benefit of those investors who choose wisely. When making an investment in a cannabis sector stock consider. Is the company operating within a legal aspect of the industry ? There are a number of good public companies within the cannabis sector that don’t actually sell cannabis . Media, Advertising, Editorial, Security, IT and support services all benefit from the expansion of the cannabis movement without being involved in federally illegal activities. Is the company diversified? A company with a single product or service, especially one that is relying on states rights for their revenue stream is a significantly higher risk than one involved in multiple aspects of the industry. Is the company filling a niche supporting the expansion of the overall industry? The big winners of the movement could be those companies that support all the others. Benefiting from a huge client base in an expanding industry.  
Cannabis Stocks To Watch In 2018
This Week’s Cannabis Stocks News Radio News Break
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CBMJ Expands Revenue Creation Loudmouth news, the syndicated radio platform, of CBMJ has expended revenue creation through its first of several planned representation agreements. The loudmouth news team who has quickly gained popularity as the voices of Canna Broadcasting’s Loudmouth news produced the first of several pending representation deals this week creating on air spots as the voice of the upcoming campaign for Premier Mexico Resorts.
Will Mainstream Media Capitalize On The growth of the Cannabis Industry
There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is exploding. Legislation legalizing its use continues to sweep the country opening new markets and spawning the creation of cannabis products and services not previously conceived. Media companies and ad agencies alike are scrambling to catch up with the rapid development of an entirely new product sector. One that until recently could obviously not be aired on television and radio, and which still has a questionable future as the major national media properties try and determine how to differentiate the legalized areas of the country from those that have not yet embraced the movement. The ability for mainstream media to capitalize on the growth of the cannabis Industry is a key component on true acceptance of the movement and one that will be highly profitable to those that make traditional media placements available to the cannabis industry.  There is movement currently within the news sector with more and more cannabis based news features airing on mainstream media including traditional broadcast television networks, radio stations, syndicated radio programming and financial focused print properties. We here at Cannabis Stocks News, for example, are now airing a weekly Cannabis Stocks News Break on the financial networks of  the Sirius XM satellite radio platform covering news and insight each week on public companies capitalizing on the growth of the cannabis sector. Next week we will look at the specific public cannabis companies leading the way into mainstream media.
From Last Week:
Cannabis Sector Stocks Continue to Flourish as the Global Cannabis Industry is Set to Soar Past $30 Billion
It was recently reported that the global cannabis  industry is expected to top 30 billion by 2021. An increase of almost 30% over previous estimates.   Cannabis stocks are benefiting from this rise in consumer interest along with the vibrant deregulation movement and a widespread expansion of industry sectors being supported by the cannabis industry expansion. While many cannabis sector stocks have experienced PPS increases over the last couple weeks savvy investors are starting to move their positions into those that that are diversified and serving multiple aspects of the industry outside the sale of actual cannabis