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There is no doubt that the cannabis industry is exploding. Legislation legalizing its use continues to sweep the country opening new markets and spawning the creation and manufacturing of cannabis products and services not previously conceived. Investors and consumers are eager to participate but companies face a serious problem getting the word out because mainstream media has shied away from or outright banned any cannabis related products or services from being promoted or even mentioned. As reported in a previous article, here on Cannabis Stocks News, media companies and ad agencies alike are scrambling to catch up with the rapid development of an entirely new product sector. One that until recently could obviously not be aired on television and radio, and which still has a questionable future as the major national media properties try and determine how to differentiate the legalized areas of the country from those that have not yet embraced the movement. The ability for mainstream media to capitalize on the growth of the cannabis Industry is a key component on true acceptance of the movement and one that will be highly profitable to the first to open up traditional media to the cannabis industry.  One marijuana company has significantly solved this issue evolving into the premiere Canna Broadcasting Media Company. Canna Consumer Goods, Inc. / DBA         Canna Broadcast Media is able to provide access to mainstream media to cannabis companies and products through developed relationships with mainstream media properties and placement commitments entered into with these properties. Mainstream media including traditional broadcast television networks, terrestrial radio stations, syndicated radio programming and financial focused digital media and print properties. CBMJ provides direct access to National Television and radio programming and has also recently purchased "LoudMouth News" the first syndicated terrestrial radio news program that focuses on the news relating to the marijuana industry. LoudMouth News presents the news and commentary in an entertaining neutral manner highlighting the most impactful current news in politics, products, sociological issues, businesses, and the ever-changing perceptions of marijuana usage. Loadmouth News is currently cleared to air on over 700 terrestrial radio stations throughout the country.
The Loadmouth news break has been heard during such powerhouse programs as Don Imus, Nikki Sixx, Brian Kilmeade, and Jim Bohannon. CBMJ has already become the go to media company for the elite of cannabis investor companies including InvestorsHub. The unique position and capabilities for CBMJ to provide coverage for cannabis companies just caused InvestorsHub to partner with CBMJ to bring mainstream media attention to its’ International Cannabis Investors Conference MJAC2017 Canna Broadcast Media Partners with InvestorsHub to Bring Mainstream Awareness of Los Angeles’ Premium Investment Cannabis Event MJAC2017 to Millions of Households Sept. 1- 3 2017 Michael Hannigan of InvestorsHub said “InvestorsHub chose to partner with CBMJ because CBMJ is the only media company that has been able to gain access to mainstream network media on TV, radio, and print for cannabis businesses. CBMJ is best suited to assure that MJAC2017 will be capable of placing advertising that will entice the largest and highest quality attendees to this historical event.” The future of the legal cannabis industry is looking bright with new businesses, products and investment opportunities appearing daily. Although mainstream media is still struggling with open acceptance of the cannabis topic on their adverting airwaves one public company appears to have solved the initial challenges of brodcasting on a national level. The MJAC2017 being ran by InvestorsHub, one of the world’s most significant retail investor networks and powered by Canna Broadcast Media, is a unique environment that allows industry giants from around the world to exhibit their businesses to high net worth investors. The event will allow CBMJ  to inform the elite cannabis companies on how they can now market via mainstream media through CBMJ and introduce this ability to some of the most serious and knowledgeable people in the cannabis sector. This massive increase in awareness from within the industry should create an immediate increase in cannabis related subject matter on mainstream media. More information about CBMJ is available at More Information about the MJAC2017 is available at
The Future Of Cannabis Media
Will Mainstream Media Capitalize On The growth of the Cannabis Industry
National media exposure is a key component to true acceptance of the movement and one that will be highly profitable to the first to open up traditional media to the cannabis industry.
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